Physical & Health Education




1.     To perform movement skills in different physical activity settings

-       Elements related to the body

-       Concepts of time and space

-       Locomotor skills

-       Manipulation skills

2.     To interact with others in different physical activity settings

-       Principles of communication

-       Cooperation movements or actions

-       Opposition movements or actions

-       Ethics related aspects

3.     To adopt a healthy, active lifestyle

-       Safe participation in physical activity


Activities/Sports Focus


Team Building and Cooperative Games

Motor Skills

  • Evading and chasing an opponent
  • Moving about an apparatus
  • Manipulating objects (parachute)


  • Different directions (left, right, behind, etc.)
  • Reference points (inside a hoop, outside a mat, on the green line, etc.)
  • Speed (fast, slow)

Behavioural Expectations:

  • Work in a team (cooperate, team spirit, sportsmanship)
  • Encouraging others
  • Respecting the rules
  • Demonstrating fairness and honesty


Motor Skills

  • Running, jumping, skipping
  • Standing long jump, leaping
  • Moving around, over and through obstacles


  • Main body parts
  • Speed (fast, slow)
  • Different types of jumps
  • Vocabulary related to equipment

Behavioural Expectations

  • Work in a team (cooperate, team spirit, sportsmanship)
  • Respecting the rules
  • Behave safely

Sending and Receiving Objects/Ball Games

Motor Skills

  • Throws (overhand, underhand, chest)
  • Catches
  • Dribbling


  • Different types of throws, catches and dribbles
  • Techniques for successfully executing these skills 

Behavioural Expectations

  • Respecting the different levels and abilities of others
  • Being aware of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Perseverance – always participating and trying their best
  • Behaving safely